Playground Scoop Slide ENDS

Scoop Slide

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These playground scoop slide ENDS are a great way to make a custom playground or swing set slide. These scoop slide ends must be combined with the scoop slide inserts to make a complete slide.

You will also need to purchase a 2x4 cut to length for each side of the slide. The length of the 2x4 depends on the length of your slide.

Feel free to contact us regarding shipping, The scoop slide ends and inserts can be shipped via UPS. If ordering several sections, it's cheaper to ship via motor freight. Please send us your city and state when requesting a shipping quote.



  • Rotational molded scoop slide ENDS. Each end section is 3' long. Combine the INSERTS with the ENDS to make any length slide you want!
  • Make a 10', 12' or even an 18' slide!
  • Two 2x4's (not supplied) are needed under the sides for support
  • 3 sections ship via UPS. 4 or more sections ship via motor freight.


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