Swing Set Glider Rubber Coated Chain

This swing set glider comes with rubber coated chain for the ultimate protection against little fingers getting pinched. The lower 30 inches of the chain has the rubber coating. The top portion is uncoated and can be used to adjust the swing set glider up or down. Your kids can sit back to back on this glider and swing for hours We also have our standard swing set glider with chains.




  • Two children can swing back to back at the same time!
  • Comes with 66" of soft grip chain ( lower 30" soft grip)
  • Fully adjustable with chain links
  • Residential, non-commercial use only
  • glider support system sold separately
  • Ideal for swing beams up to 8' high
  • 125 lb weight limit.
  • Assembly Instructions



List Price: $135.00

Our Price: $89.00





If you cannot decide which glider to purchase, be sure to see our full selection of swing set gliders.



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