Tire Swing for Tree

A tire swing in a tree can be a cool and fun way for your kids to spend some quality tome outside. Look no further than this tree tire swing. It's the perfect tire to make a tire swing for a tree as it's larger and more heavy duty than most tire swings. We also have this as a full tire swingwith chains If you need help making a tire swing for a tree, please visit our guide on how to hang a tire swing from a tree.. We also have many other tire swings on the main page. All of which make a great tire swing for a tree.





Tree Tire Swing


  • Heavy duty tire swing has 16" opening and is 8" deep.
  • 27-1/4" diameter
  • True 360 degree rotation, not just back and forth as with other "4-point" tiresĀ 
  • Unlike real tires, our tire swing has a closed interior section which eliminates mosquito nests and other bugs from collecting inside!
  • Rotomolded tire





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