Wooden Swing Set Kits

Our wooden swing set kits are a great way to save money over e pre-built unit. Everything (except slide and lumber) comes in one convenient box. You don't have to spend hours running around picking up hardware or swing set accessories. Our kits are easy to build and can be easily built in one weekend. Our kits are cheap when compared to a pre-built swing set. Your kids will remember YOU building their swingset for the rest of their lives.

  • You can save over 50% by building your own playset!
  • Everything you need (except lumber and slide) is included in one convenient box.
  • Customize!: You choose the type of swings (and colors).
  • Save Time!: All of the accessories, nuts, bolts, screws and plans arrive at your door. You can fax the lumber list to you local lumber yard and they can deliver the lumber to your house!
  • You can mix and match whatever swings you want. Just modify your order in your shopping cart.
  • Complete step-by-step instructions.
  • All hardware (hot dipped galvanized) is included.
  • All swing hangers included. Kits come with 3 pair of standard swing hangers. You can upgrade to heavy duty swing hangers.
  • If you would like to change something or add something, feel free to contact us!


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swing set kit

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Our swing set kits over a pre-built wooden swing set


Our swing set kits are much cheaper than a pre-built swingset and hence you get to save a lot of money. Not only do you get to save money, but the quality of our swing set kits is outstanding. You get to choose the lumber quality and type. Too often, swing set company's use smaller lumber to save money. With our kits you get nominal, dimensional lumber.

You also get step-by-step instructions and a full Bill of Materials. If you have ever tried to build a project from scratch, you probably wound up wasting material in the end. Because everything is laid out for you, the scrap rates are minimal.

All you have to get is the lumber and the slide. While lumber makes up most of the physical size of the swing set, it only accounts for about 1/3 of the cost. 2/3 of the cost in building a swing set is in the swing set hardware and the accessories such as the swings and hangers. Our kits arrive conveniently at your door and are much cheaper than buying the materials at a big box store.

Each Kit Saves Time:

If you build a swing set or any structure from scratch, there is a lot of time up-front designing the structure, calculating material lists and figuring out where to get your materials at the best price. All that work is done for you with our kits. All you have to get is the lumber and the slide. In this day and age, time is money!


We use only the finest materials and accessories in our kits. All of our hardware is hot dipped galvanized. Some competitor kits come with zinc hardware,which is much cheaper, but will not last, especially with the Treated Pine Lumber (ACQ). The newer treated pine lumber is high in copper, which causes what's called galvanic corrosion with the zinc. Basically, any zinc hardware in contact with treated pine lumber will rust out in no time.

As previously stated, we use full size dimensional lumber versus smaller sized lumber. It's more stable and lasts longer. If you are looking to build your own swing set this is definitely the way to go.





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