Nascar Tire Swing


List Price: $170

Our Price: $79.95






What's better than a traditional playground tire swing? How about a Nascar Tire Swing! These tires were actually used in Nascar races and no two are alike. The price above is for the tire only and does NOT include the tire eyebolts. If you would like the complete tire with chains, please add our tire swing hardware kit. This gives you a fully functioning tire swing for your backyard playground.

This tire swing is the same tire President Obama has in the backyard of the White House! If you choose this tire swing, we recommend our Heavy Duty Tire Swing swivel at minimum.

This tire can accommodate more than one child and will be the life of the party in your backyard. If you have more than one child or look forward to your kids having friends over, you and your kids will enjoy this tire swing.

Confused about which tire swing and swivel to choose? We also have instructions on how to hang a tire swing from a tree.


  • Tires were actually used in a Nascar race!!
  • Tire Eyebolts (pictured) NOT included with purchase of tire.
  • 28" Outside Diameter
  • 15" Inside Diameter
  • Combine with our Tire Swing Hardware kit for a complete tire swing!
  • Warning: Tires may come with blistering from Nascar races!
  • Visit our Tire Swing guide for more information


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